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Robert Sharp & Associates is a marketing agency that serves hundreds of clients in Rapid City, throughout the Black Hills, and even throughout the nation. Many of these clients are frequently requesting commercials, radio spots, and magazine ads. After utilizing our employees and their families one too many times we realized we needed a better way to connect with the local pool of talented actors and models.

From this, Black Hills Casting Call was born. Black Hills Casting Call serves as a resource for our agency, and others, to connect directors and agencies with people in the community wishing to be a part of local commercials or pose as models in print advertising. Utilizing a platform like Black Hills Casting Call allowed us to create a wide database of people from various age groups, races, demographics, and talents.

Our agency frequently uses, Black Hills casting Call to find talent for client commercials, and photo shoots. All talent is compensated for their appearance and on top of that, it is such a fun way to get involved in the community. We have had shoots at local breweries where talent got to try and sample free beers, we have had adventures to Wall Drug where families got to enjoy a day at the iconic attraction and enjoyed a free lunch at the Wall Drug Café. With Black Hills Casting Call, the opportunities are endless!

Whether you are an aspiring actor or model looking to grow your portfolio, or an individual looking for an exciting way to make some extra cash, we encourage you to create a profile!

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