About Us

“We had to use dogs to play the lead roles, because we couldn’t find any actors. I mean, they did alright, but do you know how many times we had to re-shoot each scene?”

“How much did you spend on dog treats?”

“You don’t want to know. Our accountant nearly quit after seeing all those receipts. They’re a bunch of divas.”

The conversation that prompted a group of local advertisers to create a platform to connect directors and agencies, to the vast pool of talented actors and models from the Black Hills, was not unlike the one above. In fact, these conversations were common amongst those in the area who were stuck with little to choose from when trying to cast actors and actresses for their commercials, radio spots, and magazine ads. Something needed to be done.

Black Hills Casting Call was that something. A simple platform for connecting area talent with the people and organizations that needs them.

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