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About Us / FAQ

Who Are We?

In early 2010, a few Black Hills ad guys got together to have a beer and swap stories about the projects they were working on.

"It was a good commercial, but it would have been so much better if we'd just had some really great talent," said one.

"We have a really hard time finding good actors and models, too!" said another.

"And my porridge is too cold!" added a third.

"I know there's really good talent here in the Black Hills," said the first ad guy. "Why can't we find them? What if there was a way to connect with really talented people... maybe online?"

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, some other ad guys had already started just such a project. But since they'd gotten so busy doing actual real work for their clients, the website had drifted off into the doldrums of Internet purgatory.

That's when all these different ad guys got together and started thinking: what if we pooled our resources and launched a newer, snappier, better website where talented actors, models and directors could quickly and easily look for one another?

The new Black Hills Casting Call was born. Our mission: to provide a non-profit open platform for connecting area talent with the people and organizations who need them.

Credit goes to Rapid City-based Robert Sharp & Associates for launching the original Black Hills Casting Call website, and for providing the machinery that keeps our series of tubes online and functional.


Why should I use Black Hills Casting Call?
Because it’s free, and it might just get you your big break into Hollywood! Actually, we’re pretty sure it won’t, but it will probably get you some good paying gigs in photo shoots, commercials and other acting and modeling opportunities in the Black Hills.
I’m a model or actor. How does Black Hills Casting Call work?
You can find jobs two ways: by being searched in our database, and by responding to a casting call. To get into the database, you’ll need to sign up and create your profile. The more information you provide, the more likely you are to be contacted. Once your profile is in our system, the photographers, directors and other organizations using Black Hills Casting Call will search it to find the types of models and actors they need. If you fit the bill, they’ll send you a note or give you a call, depending on your preferences. Those same directors and photographers will post public casting calls to the site, so be sure to check back often to browse current casting opportunities.
Once I create a profile, who sees my personal information?
We’re just like everyone else: we hate spam and scams. We want to make sure that Black Hills Casting Call stays a friendly place, so we’re really careful about who’s allowed to search our database. Right now, only one regional advertising agency (Robert Sharp & Associates) is allowed to search Black Hills Casting Call and post new opportunities. We’ll open the site up to other legitimate casting organizations in the future, but only after we’re sure they have the noblest of intentions. Wealthy Nigerian princes, Viagra salesmen and foreign lotteries need not apply.
Where will the acting and modeling opportunities be located?
The majority of the casting calls will be for opportunities in the Black Hills of South Dakota (Rapid City, Deadwood, Spearfish and Sturgis in particular, but Hill City, Hot Springs, Custer, the Badlands and northeastern Wyoming may also pop up). Occasionally, organizations may look for models or actors to work on-location in eastern South Dakota, Montana, Nebraska or North Dakota, but those locations won’t appear frequently.
What do you guys get out of it?
That’s easy: talent. The site was created by ad agencies frustrated by the difficulty in finding talented people in the local Black Hills area to act in commercials and appear in photo shoots. The ability to find really talented people for our clients is well-worth the resources it takes us to manage the site.
I want to use Black Hills Casting Call to find new talent. Lemmee in!
Great - we love it when a plan comes together! Just contact us to get started. First, we’ll ask you some questions (to make sure you’re not some evil genius out to spam all of us). Then we’ll probably ask you to pitch in and help us run the site (sorry; servers don’t run on warm fuzzies – they run on electricity, and that costs money). We’ll talk and go from there.